10 March 2011

main bedroom

The main bedroom is almost complete. I'd show you a before shot but honestly its very embarrassing - full of mismatched furniture and linen, not remotely stylish at all!

Here's a few photos of what's been happening. More to come when the room is complete.


  1. I new your house would be gorgeous!!

    I found your website last year and loved your taste so it's no surprise that your home is fabulous too!

  2. Thanks Emma. I do so love my home. It was built in 1876 and has so much character.

    Can't take all the credit for the bedroom makeover, wish I could. I enlisted the help of Little Maison. I went to Leah with the must haves ... the divine purple bone inlay furniture and she pulled it altogether with my very lose brief. She knows my style and what I love so it works really well. Wait to you see what's been happening in my husband's study. I'll post some pictures of that soon.