10 June 2011

{ kids forts }

With the weather turning rather chilly in Brisbane this week, the kids and I have been spending a lot of time indoors.

One of our favourite past times is building a fort. Its amazing how much enjoyment one can have out of a few sheets and towels and a couple of props to hang them from!

How cool are these forts I found over at pinterest.

provides some lovely comfortable sitting for mum!

This one is made using roller blinds. What a great idea.

How cool would this be at night reading to the kids?

Oh so pretty

Sleepover forts

What's there not to love about this one

Have a relaxing weekend everyone. Long weekend here....and can not wait!


  1. These really put my attempts at building forts to shame! x

  2. hahahaha...same here. Mine are a few sheets thrown together with some pegs!