18 January 2011

Fairfield - the clean up begins

On Saturday Liliana and I packed up the car and headed for Fairfield with some friends to lend a hand with the recovery efforts.

Bless my baby girl....the trip took sometime and instead of asking "when will we be there mum", she kept on saying "where are the bad people".....I think what she meant to say was "where are the sad people".

Anyway, we found a shady tree and started to cook up a storm.

Liliana's pink boots, these where brand new, she loved them!

Liliana and I decked out in our Aussie T-shirts

We got speaking to some of the volunteers who suggested we take some food and drinks down the road some 300 metres to where a massive clean up was underway.

My goodness...the streets were lined with people's belongings, really hard to believe it had happened in our beautiful city.

What this terrible disaster has shown is the incredible community spirit. Complete strangers helping those in their darkest hour. I am truly proud to be an Australian.

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