12 November 2010

one for the kids

I found Cedarworks through Project Nursery via Nursery Notions (confused yet? I am!).

Check out the great indoor play areas, loft and bunk beds they have on offer...oh the kids could get themselves into so much trouble with those beds. Not entirely sure loads of sleep would be had but they'd have a great time! It all looks amazing though...shame they are based in Maine.

mmm sleep, I think not!

nice little indoor play area for the kids?

the girls would never sleep!

one for the country estate!

Have a super weekend everyone. Anything exciting planned? There has been a request from Miss L for swimming so I'll try and tackle that.

See you next week.


  1. Oh wow!! But I do agree there wouldn't be much sleep going on there.

  2. Oh my! loving the country estate option :-)

  3. Little Maison, I'm with you, bring on the country estate!

  4. mmm....I wonder where I get one of those country estates to put the play area on? Must have the forest in the background for full effect LOL