30 June 2010

if only, maldives

Brrrrr it is one cold, wet, miserable day in Brisbane today. Why is it when its Summer, I want Winter, when its Winter I want Summer? Don't get me wrong, love the cold weather but only if I'm prepared, rugged up and enjoying it on the ski slopes!

As I contemplate the next layer to put on, I leave you with these images from the One&Only Resort Maldives.

Image - One&Only Resorts

Image - One&Only Resorts

Mmmmm wouldn't mind sitting on those deck chairs, drink in hand, watching the day go by. I will dream. Apparently this is the place where Mr and Mrs Cruise honeymooned (was it Nicole or Katie?). Somehow, I think ever so slightly out of my price range unless I won the $50M Oz Lotto last night. Must check that ticket right now!

Hope you are indoors keeping warm.


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  1. My husband and I honeymooned in the Maldives and it is just as beautiful as the pictures! Our accomodation however was slightly more basic than resort above!
    I just tried your website and nothing came up, is it not working at the moment or is it me?