31 March 2010

will it ever be finished?

The pool renovation started back in October 2009....5 months on and I think you would have to agree not much has changed.

I know we have had our fair share of unseasonal weather but I'm a little over it to say the least.

When it all started I was hopeful of being able to use the pool come January - at the rate it's going I'll be lucky to be splashing in it in January 2011!!!

It got me to thinking, why do we ever embark on renovations as they never seem to go smoothly? They always end up costing twice as much as you had thought and take twice as long. Maybe when something is broken you just need to learn to live with it.

As for future renovations? My darling husband is keen to build into our loft, me...not there yet!


  1. Oh dear, it's not fun is it! If it is any comfort, I love your coping tiles! Renos do cost more don't they. When it comes to houses, it's definitely cheaper to knock down and build. Good luck with the finishing off. A-M xx

  2. I see progress. My hubby and I tend not to embark on renovating adventures. Every time we save up for one we end up putting the money on the mortgage instead!