29 November 2009

cake anyone?

Well I survived...only just. It was 34 degrees (in the shade) on Saturday for the kids birthday party. 45 adults and 30 kids all sweating it out in the backyard - if only we had planned our pool renovation a little better - looking at a half demolished pool wishing it was full of water was torture.

Annalise and Ellyssa slept through most of the party - can't say I blame them they were in airconditioned comfort. Liliana was beside herself with all her little friends running about the backyard. I decided at the last minute to get a facepainter and mini jumping castle which was well spent money - the kids were kept entertained which kept lots of mums and dads very happy!

Here's some pics of my darling girls very yummy cakes. If you live in Brisbane and are in need of a cake I can highly recommend cakestar at Clayfield. I have used them a few times now and they never cease to amaze me with their creations.

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