27 October 2009

my inspiration

If you are anything like me, your first child ends up with a zillion photographs taken from every possible angle then baby number 2 (and in my case 2 and 3) come along and life just gets too hectic. You have a husband who asks daily where the photos are and you just give the same answer "I'm just too busy!".

I have been going to Lana (from Little Posers) for photos since the twins were born and yesterday we were due for an update and look at the sneak peek she sent through last night...you just want to hug them hey?

Can I just say, photographing three kids under three requires some serious patience and skill!

So if you are after some amazing photographs yourself, visit Lana's website and check out her other work.

OH....and did I mention. She also photographed my Spring Collection (her gorgeous daughter Mila is our little model, isn't she divine?) - nothing is too hard for this seriously talented photographer.

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